Project Planning & Development

Ask Grey about our exciting new and award winning past projects.

New Developments underway in 2022 include: 

80 room Boutique Hotel Racine, WI - Boutique 

2018 Tumbled Rock Brewery Baraboo, WI- Driftless Area

Wisconsin 75 room Boutique Hotel Resort (top secret) - 85 room Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Arkansas

Kansas City Art Gallery & Event Center Zhou B - Marriott Tribute Chicago 80 room Boutique Hotel

(Sorry for lack of detail- confidentiality is critical)

Market Studies& Asset Management

Grey's  recent market studies in 2022 include Lake Geneva WI, Cleveland OH, Kansas City Missouri, Bentonville Arkansas, Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Iowa, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Chicago River West Illinois, Traverse City Michigan, Nashville Tennessee

Recent Asset Management services include Sedona Arizona & Sanoma Valley California

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