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Hotel Development

Perspective. Grey's creative vision has sharp focus, sees the big picture, with consulting that sees how these things all connect—every room, every outlet & amenity, every experience, every team member—all relying on one-another. Designing a great hotel is pointless unless it is founded on service and encourages a memorable guest experience.


“There is no training manual for building a boutique hotel, the team, intuitive design and functionality, and personality of the project- it all has to be nurtured, it has to be practiced, it must be learned through experience.”

Grey Hospitality offers expertise in strategic market analysis, operational planning services and development consulting to communities, state agencies and developers in the hospitality arena.


With a broad range of skills founded on 27 years of hospitality management, more than $850 million in development project costs and direct experience in development and management of boutique hotels; Grey can quickly provide clients with a focus towards realistic expectations and design clarity.

A great first step in hotel development or re-positioning is overall project feasibility and a market study. Attached are some great examples of the overall process we lead.

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